Commercial Insurance with the Foster Agency

There’s a lot at stake when you run a business. Do you have the coverage you need should your livelihood ever be at risk?

At The Foster Agency, we understand how important protecting your small business is. We provide all types of business insurance to small companies throughout Augusta, ME, and the surrounding region. There’s no limit to whom we can cover and the kinds of coverage we can provide. Whether you’re in agriculture, food service, real estate, or construction, we can help keep your small business afloat.

Commercial Coverage We Offer

Property and liability insurance are the most common types of coverage small businesses seek out. As a small business owner, you need to protect your brick-and-mortar and all the products and equipment inside. But you should also protect your business from theft, fires, flooding, and property damage.

We provide insurance policies your small business needs at the fundamental level. We’ll help you prioritize your needs and understand the types of risks your particular business faces. We offer additional types of commercial insurance that provide extra layers of protection, and we’ll customize your policy for optimal protection.

Commercial Insurance FAQ's

We've been asked many questions over the years. Here's a short list of the ones we hear most commonly.

If your business relies heavily on vehicles, commercial auto insurance is essential. This type of insurance covers vehicle damage, product loss, injuries to drivers and other motorists, and much more.

Does your business frequently ship out products and materials? Do you transport expensive equipment regularly? For extra protection, inland marine insurance can cover high-value items that most property policies can’t.

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance covers damage caused by your business. Whether a customer slips on your floor, or you find your company in a class-action lawsuit, a CGL policy can protect you from significant financial loss.

When an employee gets injured on the job, workers compensation covers their medical expenses and lost wages. We offer workers compensation policies that extend to disabled workers.

Still Have Questions?

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