Agricultural Insurance with the Foster Agency

In an industry that hinges greatly on Mother Nature, protecting your farm and livelihood with agricultural insurance is essential. At The Foster Agency, we’ve worked closely with farmers throughout Augusta, ME, and the surrounding region since 1969. We understand the unique risks and challenges you face in your daily farming and business activities. Whether you grow crops, produce dairy, or raise livestock, we can help.

Personal insurance can protect everything from your home to your vehicle and family. But when it comes to your farm, you need insurance specifically designed to support your livelihood. Our farm insurance policies go beyond traditional coverage. We’ll develop a customized plan to fit your needs and protect your assets. We want to prepare your farm for any turn in the market or climate and encourage investment in your crops.

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Is Agricultural Insurance Right for You?

There’s no predicting what can happen in the market and the climate. The demand for your products may fluctuate each year. Rainy or dry seasons can take a significant toll on production. Even changes in other industries, like tourism and food service, can affect your business.

You have your own goals and visions as a farmer. You may run a commercial farm that serves as your sole source of income. Or, farming may be something you enjoy as a hobby and do on the side to supplement your income. Regardless of how your farm operates, it’s an investment, and you must protect it.

Special Farm Package

The Foster Agency offers an all-inclusive package for our regional farmers. Our special farm package provides coverage for your farm residence, your barn, and other outbuildings. It also provides coverage for your personal farming property, including machinery, equipment, supplies, and tools.

No farm is too small for an individual policy or our farm package. We help commercial and subsistence farmers, big and small alike. Your plan is tailored to cover everything from your livestock and soil to your equipment and vehicles.

special farm insurance package

Farm Umbrella Insurance

With farm umbrella insurance, you can add an extra layer of protection to your liability coverage. In the event of an injury on the farm, we can protect you against hefty medical expenses. We can also provide coverage if someone sues your farm.

If you run an extension of your business, like a farm-to-table restaurant or a farmstand, we can also customize a commercial insurance plan for you.

farm umbrella insurance

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