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At the Foster Agency we understand the farming industry and we specialize in managing the risks that farmers face in their everyday business activities. We are able to provide a flexible farm insurance product specifically designed for agribusiness which vary in size and scope. We serve all the most common types of farms including Dairy, Beef, equine, fruit, and vegetable - along with the unusual such as Llamas, Ostriches, beefalo and much more! Our agricultural product goes beyond traditional farm coverage, it allows you to customize coverage to your needs.  We offer coverage for all those value-added farm products that you produce on your farm.  Usually, a traditional homeowners policy doesn't provide a broad range of coverages like our agricultural insurance product can.

The Foster Agency
The Foster Agency

Personal/ motorcycle/ recreational

Without the correct personal and commercial auto, or recreational vehicle insurance protection, you and your family might not be able to pay for necessary medical treatments, car repairs, legal fees and other costs that come with being involved in an accident whether you're at fault or not! We have some valued features that might interest you, such as: Good student discounts, passive restraints discounts, anti-theft & vehicle recovery device discounts, rental reimbursement & travel expense paying up to $25 per day while your car is being repaired due to a covered loss for up to 30 days. Call to see if our vehicle insurance products are right for you.

Homeowners/Rental Owners

Your home is more than just where you live, it's filled with memories and treasures you want to protect. We understand that you expect your homeowners insurance to safeguard you from financial distress in the event of fire, theft, or other covered events. Your residence, contents, outbuildings and other structures are covered specifically to meet your unique needs. With our homeowner’s insurance product, the greater your investment in your home, the more you need our specialized higher coverage amounts for your most valued possessions. Personal items such as jewelry, furs, collectibles, guns, etc., are based on a percentage of the covered value of your home, rather than the usual flat limits used by many other insurers. See if this product is right for you, call today for a free quote.


We offer coverage for many types of watercraft to include: Runabouts, personal watercraft, pontoons/houseboats, sailboats, bass & fishing boats, canoes, rowboats, performance boats and cabin cruisers.  We offer a wide range of protection for loss or damage to watercraft, motor & trailer, replacement cost on motor, emergency service, wreck removal, medical expenses including guests, coastal water coverage up to 75 miles and more! Call today and see how our flexible watercraft insurance products can be there for you.

CGL/Inland/commercial auto

As a successful contractor you've made a substantial investment in tools, equipment and building materials. At times you rely on others to help you complete projects. You're used to unforeseen complications that can interrupt schedules. How well do you know the risks you might face? What if there is an accident on a site? Destruction to equipment? Can you recover from the unexpected? Is your business protected against catastrophic loss, accidents, liability claims or loss of income?

Call today and see if our contractor’s insurance products are right for you and your company.

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Risk is an inherent part of running a business. Seasons bring change.  As a business owner new opportunities arise; you might have purchased new equipment, added a new location, added more employees or even changed your legal structure from an LLC to a Corp. Such changes can significantly alter your exposures. Our goal is to help you make sure your coverage matches the structure of your business. Whether you're a practitioner, retailer or hair salon, we are here to help you prioritize your needs. We also have workers compensation and Business Owners Disability Income. Call today and see if we have the right products for your business. 

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Life insurance is very important to your family!  It is the corner stone of a good financial plan. Your first concern is to protect your family if you were no longer there to provide for them. With our many types of life insurance products, we can protect what you value most; your loved ones.  Let us work to help you tailor a life insurance plan to meet your needs.  Some of our most common life insurance products are: Term, Whole life and universal life. We also offer annuity products that can insure that you and your family will never run out of money. Call today and see if these types of products are right for you and your family.